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A professional home inspections is more than just a visual examination of the building's foundation, structure, roof, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems for conditions which may adversely affect their normally intended operations. It also provides documentation of all conditions along with maintenance tips to help our customers preserve their investment.

Not all inspectors or inspection companies are equal. - Ask what you get for your dollar.

Your Homeland Home Inspector will help put your inspection report into perspective by giving you advise regarding how quickly certain corrective measures should be undertaken.

Remember, an inspectors function is to Inspect, Report and Educate; it is not to negotiate or to tell our customers what or how to negotiate. In addition, your inspector is not an appraiser. While your Homeland Home Inspector is eminently qualified to assist our customers in understanding the condition of the building, we are not qualified to give opinions regarding the value of any property or the advisability of purchase.



A building inspection provides valuable information about the condition, operation, and maintenance of the systems and components of the building. A building inspection helps buyers, sellers, occupants, Realtors / Real Estate Agents better assess the need for both immediate and preventive maintenance of the building, thus aiding in controlling and reducing maintenance costs.

Another serious issue with buildings is with building codes. Although there are building codes that builders/contractors must abide by, not all jurisdictions have a local building code inspection department or code enforcement. In essence, builders have been able to build without having a quality check in place to ensure that they built following current industry practices without cutting corners.