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Home Owners Maintenance Evaluation Inspection

Is it time for a home maintenance evaluation?

How do you Know?

Has it been longer than two years since your last home inspection?

Have you noticed wear and tear on your home in the past few years?

Did you miss getting a home inspection when you originally purchased your home?

Are you concerned that you may have hidden conditions in your home that may affect the property value or family health?

Do you wonder if obvious cosmetic damages might be causing larger, more expensive problems below the surface?

Are you interested in assuring that your property maintains a higher resale value?

Has your home been through harsh weather such as storms and high winds?

These Items and Conditions are signs that you may need a Home Maintenance Evaluation TODAY!


        It's the little things
        that you walk by a hundred
        times and don't notice
        until it's too late!

   This home owner was unaware that
   their newly installed jacuzzi tub was

   Left unnoticed and unrepaired, could
   run into the thousands in damages.


Your neighbors are protecting their biggest investment!


Think about it.

You go to the doctor or dentist for checkups. You get your car tuned up and you probably even scan your computer for viruses. Your home is by far the single biggest personal investment you will have. Why would you neglect to give it a checkup every two years that can potentially save you thousands of dollars?


    This homeowner had their water
    heater "professionally" installed.

    It was not installed in accordance
    with common plumbing practices.

  This home owner spent over a
  thousand dollars to have added
  supports installed in the crawl
  space by a contractor!

  Who is checking to make sure
  that you aren't being taken to
  the cleaners by shady contractors?