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Commercial Building Inspections

Finding the right location and building for your business can be daunting and an exhausting experience.




As a business owner, the last thing you need is unexpected expenses for building repairs that can quickly add up and place a drain on your cash flow.

A professional commercial building inspection could possibly save you thousand of dollars and will provide you with valuable information about the condition, operation, and maintenance of the systems and components of the building.


      Is the building equipped with
      appropriate emergency exit signs?

      Is there emergency lighting installed?

The seller never disclosed that there had been a fire in the building. Although repair attempts had been made to the damaged area, the repairs were not done properly and this is a disaster waiting to happen!

Who is going to pay for the repairs?

You or the seller?

Call or e-mail us today for information on your commercial property purchase and inquire how a comprehensive commercial inspection can help in your business needs.